Metal Brazing

Aztec Welding has helped all type of companies with brazing projects. From aerospace companies to machine shops, we can provide quality work to exacting standards and low tolerances. Whether your project calls for Silver Brazing, Torch Brazing or Braze Welding, we can create strong, accurate and dependable pieces.

Brazing is the process of joining two or more metal items of similar or dissimilar alloys. Materials can be both ferrous and non ferrous alloys such as copper, stainless steel and mild steel to name a few. Because the brazing process is done at a lower temperature than other forms of welding, their is less chance of the components being joined from distorting or weakening, that's why it lends to projects with high tolerances because closely fitted parts maintain their shape, size and tolerances. A major advantage of brazing is the ability to join the same or different metals with considerable strength. 

BrazingSilver Brazing

Silver brazing, sometimes known as a hard soldering, is brazing using a silver alloy based filler. These percentage of silver alloys depends on the application and the type of metals being joined. Brazing is widely used in the tool industry to fasten 'hard metal' (carbide, ceramics, cermet, and similar) tips to tools such as saw blades. 

Torch Brazing

Torch brazing is by far the most common method of brazing. Torch brazing is a procedure where the heat is applied using a gas flame placed on or near the joint being brazed. The operator skill required to obtain quality brazed joints requires years of training, experience and patience. 

Braze Welding

Braze welding is the use of a bronze or brass filler rod coated with flux to join steel pieces. Braze welding has many advantages over fusion welding. It allows the joining of dissimilar metals, minimization of heat distortion, and can reduce the need for extensive pre-heating. Additionally, since the metals joined are not melted in the process, the components retain their original shape; edges and contours are not eroded or changed by the formation of a fillet.

If you have the need to join metals of dissimilar type, or have a project with precise tolerances, contact Aztec Welding to discuss our brazing services.

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